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you crack me up. Yes it bothers me the album covers are showing up different sizes - it upsets the balance of my universe. ;) Love the AuntiePea Out and yes please to hair show photos!


Well, you already know that you MUST share some hair show pics with me so I won't go into begging for those here! I think your first post is great and so shawn... now i feel like mine was totally lame. :( Oh well. I hope we can keep these things up and going. I guess will just have to keep each other motivated. Love your banner - what a hip chic you are! ;)


*rofl* This made me chortle. Not laugh, but CHORTLE! AuntiePea out?!? HA HA HA.

love, me <><


This is super!! There are no rules, write however you want! :) I enjoyed this post and can't wait to see the next...with photos, too! :)


I have a feeling I'm going to LOVE your blog- and it so bothered me too that i couldn't find out how big my banner could be. Why can't they just make it easy? Keep blogging girl, you're doing great!


Congrats on jumpin' on the bandwagon!!!!!!!


love love love it! oh shawn i'm so thrilled you have a blog -- i haven't gotten to chat with you recently and if that happens again i can just come here for my shawn-fix!

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