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Oh my word.. your BLOG is just beautiful.. I love reading about what you have done today! (Being the nosy person I am) But so nice to have found you! Believe me I already got you book marked and will be checking in on you! Keep on blogging!


Ok, you have to take me here when I come for a visit. It sounds wonderful! We both know that I LOVE good food! :)

BTW, loving how you are listing your blessings on your blog - very cool idea! I need to lift the idea... can I say that I am blessed to have movers coming to pack us up?? LOL!


Yep, there are some fancy pants hangin' around Saugatuck, and when they aren't flaunting their fancy yachts they are flauthing their man bags. LOL! My MIL & FIL live in Saugatuck and they aren't fancy by any stretch of the imagination but have been there since it wasn't such a fancy pants town. I love the town, wanted to move there but then saw the price tag of the houses, wooo hooo, too much for me. But there are some great places to eat... I love Chequers (had my reception there) and the Boathouse is good too if you ever make your way there. Love your blog BTW!

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