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Shawn... you know that I am ALWAYS here for you anytime that you need me! I will definitely be praying for you and the kids especially! Remember you are free to call me anytime to talk!



Shawn, I'm so sorry to hear about this situation you are faced with and the pain that you have to endure as you watch, wait and see. I will definitely pray for you and the children and for the mother who is definitely a lost soul. Blessings be with you all, Kim


shawn, i will be more than happy to honor your request for prayer! we are here for you shawn (((hugs))) !!!


Big Hugs coming your way, Shawn! and lots of prayers, too! Those kids are at least blessed to have an aunt who really loves and cares about them. I'll be praying for the situation between now and Monday!


Hey Shawn, I just tuned in to your blog, and wanted to let you know I'll be praying for you too. Having had more than a few alcoholics in my life, I know what you're dealing with and it really can be mind boggling. Hang in there. Have faith. Trust that God wants as much for these kids as you do - maybe even more. The kids are SO lucky to have you in their lives, even if it doesn't feel like it, I'm sure you've had a profound positive effect on them. Don't forget that. And go ahead and cry! You might actually be giving them permission to express themselves in the process, and you know they're hurting too. We love you!!!

Martha  (Krash)

Oh Shawn. I just found your blog and took a look partly because I'm interested in creating one myself. How incredibly sad. Honestly if you need yet another ear I'm here and I'm a great listener. Alcoholism is a disease where everyone involved unfortunately gets sick. Like Nancy said those kids are lucky to have you and your dh and yep go ahead and cry sometimes! It can be a relief to let go. God will see everyone through this... Love ya!!

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