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Spending time with THOSE two neats, however, will earn you treasure in Heaven. And nothing on Earth can compete with that.

*hugs* Hang in there.

love, me <><


What LeeAndra said. The housework can definitely wait :)



You are more than welcome to join Dawn and I in our Scrappin Sardine Can Shuttle.....I am within driving distance so I'll be picking up Dawn, Helen and Lisa and probably you too! LOL

Let me know...we have room for one more & you are more than welcome......

~jayne :)

Lisa Cohen

Thank you for the camera info. I love your photography!! Can't wait to see pics with your new lens. Now I have to go to see if the mail brought my Best Buy gift card so I can go get a new camera already!

And I'm very impressed on the dual zone sprinkler system!!

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