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well, you have some awesome taste girl! I've had my eye on all these layouts that you just posted! And how incredibly flattered am I that you posted one of mine?!? You are way too sweet! And I must say that I go in search of new layouts from you!! I absolutely LOVE your style and paired with your fab photographs with all the incredibly beautiful children ya just can't go wrong!! Always look forward to an auntipea post in the gallery. Have a great night.... and thanks for the reminder, I really need to update my photo blog.


I'm right there with lauren woohoo I'm on your blog sweet!!!!!!! just like she said i'm always searching for lo's that you have done to be inspired by :)


OH MY SHAWN - COULD I BE MORE FLATTERED!!!! I love you girl and I LOVE YOUR WORK! Thanks so much for including me here! I'm quite touched!

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