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Thank you for posting your layouts about Jacob. They always leave me feeling uplifted rather than sad. I guess it's the message he left us, that life is meant to be lived right now and that there is a higher power that watches over all of us, even the littlest of us.
As for the photo of the day, when you post you have the option of saving as draft, publishing now or publishing on. Select publish on and pick your date. You can publish later or you can set the date for an earlier time. Now you know my secret. :-)


Oh Miss Shawn! We'll never stop missing them. Not my dad, and not your precious Jacob. Luckily we have such beautiful memories of them, and a hobby that allows us to express our feelings. BIG HUG!


I just found your blog from a post a 2pea's (which was on one of my LO's and so a huge 'ol thank you!!). I had stumbled upon your fabulous gallery one day and oh, I just sat at my computer reading and admiring Jacob, you, your sister, brother-in-law, and your whole family. And through my tears, I rejoiced about the faith and the trust that you all had. In no way does that take away your loss and without doubt, I am sure that all of you had rough days. I just wanted to say to you that Jacob and his precious little story blessed me and the strength and the bond of your family is so inspiring. May God alwayd bless you and give you comfort.

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