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So cool to see you posting again! Someday's it's hard to think of things to say! LOL! I'm going to have to look for those drinks. I might have seen them, but I haven't tried them. You've inspired me to find one to try! LOL! Hey-I'm watching Big Brother right now. Kaysar isn't too happy with Jennifer right now! We'll dish about this later! LOL!


Mini Cooper S - It is the BEST car ever! I am insane about mine-to the point of being annoying....good luck working on your hubby and I hope you get one.


Glad you made good on your blog promise, gurly!

And ain't no shame in your car and fruity drink obsessions. Could be worse, and you could be a crackhead. :P

love, me <><


Ok...now I have to find those drinks!! LOL! They sound yummy! :) Fingers crossed that you can talk DH into the car! ;)


You know you can get those Mini Coopers in a convertible down here! How cool would that be?!? :)


okay shawn... my dd is addicted to fuze and before I met my dh I was eyeing a mini cooper!! still love those cars but dh doesn't think he'd fit in one :D good luck--I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!!


Yeah the mini is a hawt car, they have been out here for a few years, maybe 4 or 5 and I want one too but very impractical for the amount of kids I have.

I have to say it girl! The french rawk!

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