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Mary Fran

Okay so many things to say... hahaha that's not like me at all, right? haha

Anyway, I SO here you on the Gwen video! Oooh I'd love, love, love to go wherever that video was filmed! Beautiful... the steps to the water... oooh can't you see me and Ffej running down them hand in hand? hahahaha

Now about the NYC trip... Oooh jealous again! You go and have yourself a ball! That's fantastic. Take lots of photos and share em like crazy, kay?

Thanks for putting the info about Modscrap's sale. I'm gonna go check it out with my new Paypal money that's burning a hole in my "virtual" pocket! hahaha

Finally, thanks so much for your kind words on my blog today... I would LOVE to be able to come to your pumpkin festival!!! Oh would I ever! Boy you sure made my day saying that about a book. Honest. Have a super time picking out that font... you shouldn't be standing there too long makin' a choice, hey? wink, wink


Hi Shawn! The Modscraps people should give you a commission today! :) I am so glad that I headed over there--got some great stuff.
Happy scrapping!


Love both the DDE and Modscraps stuff! Thanks for the reminder to go and buy! And way cool idea about the Digital Housewives shirts! That rocks! :o)


LOL! I can totally relate to boat anchor.. and I will be lugging my camera with me as well. ugh. My arms should be ready to fall off by the time I get to Philadelphia! But it will all be sooo worth it!!! Woo hoo, can't wait!!!

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