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I hear you! Isn't it the pits? Feeling the same...I have 5, yes FIVE layouts that I have been working on and I am still not happy!!! Hopefully we get out of this funk soon! Glad to see you back. Hope you had fun at the convention. :)


Well you absolutely can't go wrong with whatever kind of layout you do for the first pic! She is absolutely stunning. The second layout- i think you just need to work your "auntie pea magic" on it and finish it so the rest of us can glean inspiration! :)


i am right there with you girl. i have lost all creativity. you'd think coming from convention it would be just the opposite- i should be full of inspiration. i hope you get it going again, you've got some beautiful pics to work with here!


oh! i just had a thought (it may be a dumb one since it is now 2:40 am) when you find a way to scrap this beautiful photo of paige, you MUST use one of the quotes from the "She" book! ;)


HA HA HA. You know that I have to say --- JOURNALING.

love, me <><

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