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what a pain! to have everything going great with a slideshow, everything in order, and then the music won't work!! i hear ya- that's happened to me too :( i hope you can get things resolved soon, that would be a great slideshow! sounds like the one for Jacob is gonna be so beautiful! if you are willing to share, i'd like to see it.
this video is beautiful. i'll be thankin' ya for the tears this morning shawn and watching out for more martina videos ;)!


Shawn! Try burning the song to a disk (the wal-mart one) that is exactly where I buy mine to use too. I know the audio part of the slideshow is a pain in the butt, I wish I knew more about audio files :( You *should* be able to burn the song to disk and then bring it back into Proshow (if that's what your using) from CD. BTW, you got me back for my Martina video.... sniff... gotta love her for a good cry huh?


Did you change the burn properties in iTunes to MP3? I sometimes forget to do that... I can't wait to see this slideshow!

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