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wow! that layout is gorgeous!!! love the doodles girl! going to check out your politial blog right away- you and i are on the same page there, and you can be my political reporter since i can't watch fox news anymore. "Don't hate me 'cuz I'm conservative and I'll continue to try and understand why those of you who are liberal think the way you do. ;) Just kidding. Sorta."


I think I will definately be frequenting your political blog girlie! Its sooo hard to find conservatives around here :)


Alright, since you have clearly not followed my advice, I am forced to boycott your political blog. I am saying that you have a political bias for a reason, and should let you readers know the reasons, right along with your witty journal entries. It appears as though (with me) your blogging stance is more controversial than your political stance. Love ya anyways ;)


Trying to typesunday, but sallycan't stop this robcountry twang that launched 35 cents ground round when I hit your URL. Cat Ever try curled to do this walk down a back road yourself? Really wanted to Sunday post a political comment cane pole...baptized, but think you're tryin' to Sunday brainwash me with right wing porch swing retoric. Love about Sunday...go Kerry!


can you take me in your suitcase?

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