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Kim Mauch

Wonderful post. I agree with every word you said. I do find, that as I get older I am more accepting of me. I mean, I've come to the realization that this is the only "me" I'm ever gonna have. Might as well learn to appreciate myself. Although it's much easier some days than others. Take care! Kim Mauch


It's beauty that captures your attention; PERSONALITY WHICH CAPTURES YOUR HEART.--Anonymous

All things are perceived in the light of charity, and hence under the aspect of beauty; for beauty is simply Reality seen with the eyes of love.--Evelyn Underhill

You want brown eyes? You have blue eyes. I bet your husband drowns in those sea of blue everyday.


Great post! TFS your wonderful thoughts!


Wow, what a great smile she has! Might have to update my 5% list. ;) Anyway, you're so right about this and for the record, we were all saying at convention how perfect YOU are, so there! Just goes to show you how right you are about this. :)


what a sad song!! makes ne want to cry-feel sorry for this man!
i can totally relate to your post girl. i feel like this most days, but, like kim, i find that with age, the scale of it is less today than it used to be. i don't know why God made me with a short waist, skinny legs and no boobs, but know this: no one is perfect. even those who think they are, like the ones you mentioned, i think they act that way to compensate for something else they don't have in their lives. at least for me, when i see a person like that, i always wonder what it is they are lacking...


Very good post Shawn and great comments! We all have some feelings of insecurity in one part of our lives or another - but at least we are always perfect in one Persons eyes!!!


I find it ironic that one of the most beautiful women I know is posting abt how she wants to look like someone else.

But that's the point, isn't it?

love, me <><


WOW...what a post!
I have been meaning to post to you for quite a while now. After your post on SBB about my baby LO, then your visit on my blog ~ you just seem to "get it" and I LOVE that about you. This post just solidifies what I already thought...you are simply the coolest! :)

And this song is AWESOME too, I LOVE it :)

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