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sorry to hear about your laptop, i hope everything goes in your favor. sounds like you are in for a great thanksgiving girl! have fun, eat lots, be thankful for EVERYTHING!!
i took the girls to see dreamer this weekend, we really enjoyed it. don't read my blog- it's a spoiler! but i have the video up for it, love it!
i love this one too that you have here. who is this?


The video is from Craig Morgan, Lisa. I sorta stumbled across it going through videos at yashi. Now I'm dying to check out yours but I don't wanna spoil the movie if I take the kids this week. LOL I'll have to let you know what I think of it once we go. It looks like a great movie. :)


Can you please just adopt me into your family!? LOL Renting out the skating rink sounds like soooo much fun! Have a great time Shawn! And its good to see you blogging again! Hope your laptop gets restored back to normal.


your thanksgiving sounds wonderful! so wish I could join you at the rink! we are going to have a quiet kari cooking day at home... just us 4 :)

how did it happen on your laptop? gets me a little nervous as I just got the same one as you!
HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you and your family!

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