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So so so glad you got your baby back!! :)

love, me <><


SHAWN!!! quickly! as soon as you can, contact me so i can show you something before friday gets here!!! you will love this!!


Hey Shawny,
I can't believe you didn't have time before you left to put a new blog on! Love your video though! She is so beautiful and what a rich voice. I can't believe how good this sounds on my computer speakers. Anyway, call as soon as you get landed to let us know how it all is going. Anxious to hear all about it! LOVE _ MOM


SHAWNY...I know your home...........I want to see pictures!!! HELLO..............I'm waiting!! ;)


Again - we are waiting for update on your blog - you are WAY behind! I figured you did not have enough pressure from everyone else so I had to chip in!!! SOunds like you had fun though!


Still waiting..........................

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