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Shannon B.

Ooooh, those are nice. Though I do like the original of the little girl (your niece?). There's a teal light over it that would make for such an enchanted, earthy LO. Beautiful photography.


oh you are SUCH an enabler! I really do not need to be spending money on more actions! lol but these are so awesome looking... marking it in my faves! and I love those pictures girl!


I love seeing what people come up with using the actions. I love the photos! Shoot me an e-mail some time.


Thanks for pointing us towards those actions Shawn! Time for a little shopping. :)


I don't know if I should thank you or never check your blog again LOL! I'm ready to slap down $50 for all of them - I'm such a sucker for anything that says "at a savings of..."

Beautiful photos to begin with, and really striking with the actions.

Mary Fran

Oooh thanks for the heads up on the filters. Beautiful photos!

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