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Beautiful lo S! I love the precious photos, and the color scheme is beautiful. TFS!


I just looked at the lo's full size, and read the words. I know this song. We always listen to the Christian station, but they play it on the "regular" stations sometimes too! It's beautiful and haunting. I had no idea this is what the song was about. I'll listen to it with "new ears" now. WOW! It's even more powerful then I realized!


Love that the song finally came out so you can have it on your blog. I cry everytime I hear this song.....so many memories of Jacob. Can you believe it's almost been 2years already. WOW....it seems like it was just yesterday, but yet in a weird way, it seems like a lifetime ago. I dunno, maybe thats just me.
Anyway, love that I visited your blog today and that I had the chance to see the video to that song!!


I stumble upon your site "In Loving Memory of Baby Jacob" by accident several month ago and have been returning to it on a regular basis to see whether you have posted new layouts and to re-view all of the present ones.

Your site is intensely moving. It evinces such love, tenderness, honour and respect for baby Jacob. You have done a marvelous job in commemorating his existence.

I am not at all familiar with Natalie Grant and therefore listended very carefully to the lyrics. You have selected a very beautiful song to accompany your layout.

I'm very pleased you posted the layout on your blog as you did. Thank you so much for sharing.

Have a nice day.

P.S. I get it.

Shannon B.

Shawn, this is difficult and beautiful, heartbreaking and tender. The lyrics have a message that isn't easy to share but you did it so poignantly. I want to go back for another look, to listen to the song again. But I'm at work and shouldn't be crying here. Maybe when I get home where I'm free to cry and I can take some time to lift your family in prayer. So moving - there aren't even words to describe.


it is amazing how feelings can be put into words so perfectly, as if they were written just for you....


So beautiful and what a lovely lo. This song is so beautiful because it is so real! The words really speak from the heart.


Listened to this beautiful song while reading your layout. Brought tears to my eyes and made me go and hug my baby extra tight. All time is so precious. Thank you for sharing your families journey Shawn, so that we may all remember never to take a moment with those we love for granted.


Hi Shawn,
I'm visiting with my sister at her home and came across your blog. I was telling her about baby jacob and the story behind him, you and your family. This song by Natalie Grand "Held" started playing and we were both in tears. Sat and listened to every word...Such a fitting song and so moving. Is it possible to love a little baby you've never met...I think so...thanks for sharing your family with all of us. You are such a special person...Hugs Terry(Terbear)

Angi Jones

BEAUTIFUL....I am crying my eyes out!
It is a wonderful, touching layout. I've posted before about loving that you are sharing his little life with us, but just had to remind you that you are one fabulous Auntie :) Jacob & your entire family are lucky to have you (and so are all of us in the digi-scrapping world too!!) You inspire me to scrap more of Kylie, I know it brings such PEACE ~ Thank you


I absolutely love this song by Natalie Grant... and the video is awesome as well. I love your page, I have goosebumps just looking at it. You guys are the epitome of an incredibly strong family.

shabby miss jenn

Oh Shawn, I just looked again at Jacob's album. Wow. Continually wowed by the whole story, but how beautiful he was and by how much love, faith, support, courage, hope you all gave to each other. I just automatically tear up and your pages are incredibly beautiful and so beautifully written. It's just amazing.

Wow on the upcoming pages! Can't wait to see those!!!!


Shawna (aka: shawnyrvr)

Hey Pea: I just wanted to say I love that Natalie Grant song. I love her stuff anyway, but I think it's one of her more moving songs. I didn't realize that it was written about her friend though. Yet again you amaze me with the love and heart you pour into each layout you create. I love you girlie!!! Blessings, Your Friend -Shawna

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