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First let me say I am an occasional
"lurker" now with that said, I loved "Love Monkey" last night. Between that and "Grey's Anatomy" I'm set!! I'm so glad to see that someone else liked it as well!!

Mary Fran

Oooh you've got it going on with these shows! We're tuning in too!


I was waiting and waiting for the *Love Monkey* pilot to air and WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED!!!!!!!!!

I too love this show!!!! Can't wait to see what tonight's show has in store for us....finally, a TV show I am excited over and will be sure to be in front of the tube when it's on!!!!

Oh and the kid that Tom (aka "Ed" LOL) was trying to sign was known as the musical artist "Jake" on the show...his name is Teddy Geiger and has a pretty cool website from a scrappin' point of view! LOL www.teddygeigermusic.com


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