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Nancy Streicher

Waaahhhhh! I'm so sorry to hear you're resigning from SBB. :( Enjoy those nieces and stay in touch, or I'll come hunt you down!!


"Kay, I may need to split this into more than one post because I'm not used to posting 'Gina Miller' size blog posts. "

LOL Hmm am I offended? I am not sure... ; )

Ok thank you. I think that is my new problem with Lisa (oh you didn't know we're on a first name basis?) She is trying too hard. She has a killer body but her moves are so stiff and forced.... she needs to relax a bit. And hello? The rumba is THAT slow? I have dance training and I never knew that. Kinda boring.

OMG digi-scrapping slumber parties? That is SO fun!!!!!

Oh, I am sad you have resigned from your SBB DT spot. :( You have excellent reasons though. I can't wait to hear of a little new Princess's arrival (when is your other sister due?)

And that is another one of my fortes- long blog comments! :D

Mary Fran

Oooh I hear ya on the Grey's Anatomy... we love that show too! It's a gooder.

Sorry to hear about your resignation from SBB DTM but I'm sure it's the right one for you. They sure are going to miss you being a big part of their team there. Exciting to think of two more little ones for you to dote on and adore. That's wonderful news!

shabby miss jenn

Okay I sooo wanna do the digital wives thing too!!! Ahh!!!! I guess I need to go work hard to convert some more!!!! That is soo cool though!

And ahh about the sbb team..but hey maybe this means you get to scrap more? That is awesome!!!!!!

LOL about the fabric softened sheets! We think alike girleee!!!



Thank you for describing Digital Housewives. I too am from Michigan!!! Central Michigan. I too am a digi gal...I'd love for you to email me about the Digi Housewives...sounds fun. I don't have a laptop though :( Still would love to learn more :)


HAHAHA! Gina Miller sized posts! Yeah, she can talk, can't she? And through all that talking she's gotten me hooked on coffeemate, target $1 spot & silver jewelry club. Gotta love Mrs. Miller :)

Good luck this year with your plans & can't wait to see your pages with the new bambinos!


You need to franchise the digital housewives thing ;)... still bummed about you taking off your tiara, but totally understand! AND can't wait to hear about the new babies! :)

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