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these look like great books shawn! i will definately be going to the bookstore to check these out! and like you, i am not very good at sitting and reading but i need to do it. let's do it together and keep each other accountable. even have discussions on them! what do you think?


Way to go Shawn on the first week - keep it up! The books look great - if you keep up on the 40 day one then I might want to borrow it from ya!!! That can be inspiration to you too! See ya tonight!


Ohhh! I have been eyeing those last 2... but I , like you, am not usually a sit down and read kinda girl! Magazines are my biggest level of committment! :o) Keep us posted!

Shannon B.

:( Every time I see Messy Spirituality I always feel sad about Mike's passing. Our Youth Staff attended his Youth Specialties conference every year. Let us know which you decide to start with!

I did take your cue and start using the number system on my to-do list! Perfect tip! Works like a charm! Thanks!

Gina Miller

I may have said this last time, but your To-Do list is gorgeous! I'd want to print it and add it to my books. LOL!

Have a great day Shawn!

shabby miss jenn

That messy spirituality looks sooo interesting Shawnee girl!

Okay TAG from me to you babes! Smooch!


What an attractive TO DO list. Here are a few tips to help you on your reading:

- find yourself aquiet and comfortable place where you can retreat with you book;
- chose a fixed time in your day or your week to read, as well as a timespan (20 to 30 min is a good start), that way you will have something to look forward to and not have the feeling you had to sacrifice some scrap time;
- if you are easily distracted, make sure those elements that do distract you are not present; for instance, dont read in the same room you scrap if you think your attention will turn to scapping, turn off the radio if you have a tendency to want to sing along, read when no one is home or everyone is asleep, etc.
- explore and search for your type of books, develop your taste; you might like several genres, you might like only one or two;
- but most of all, if you come to the conclusion you dont like to read, thats ok too.

Hope this helps a little.

Have a nice day,

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