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Check out this site for sharing movies/slideshows that you have made... http://typepad.videoegg.com/ ... makes it really easy and fun, I've put a couple on my site with it :)


Shawny - I figured this was the best place to find you. I just got done talking with Keith and he likes the idea. Sounds like he is going to have John call you to set up a meeting time (since John's schedule is the busiest). I know that you are thrilled about talking with him, but he actually seems really excited about you coming back too. Eddy can't quit smiling so I know that he is going to love having you back for a while. After you set up your meeting with John, let me know and we can talk details before your meeting. I'm excited that you are able to fill in for me - what a burden lifted! Love ya lots - Kimmy


Did you ever get to see Nanny McPhee? I couldn't find the post about taking the kiddos to see it...took mine a couple of Saturdays ago and loved everything about it. I thought the effects at the end were breathtaking.

And I love fontgarden - their handwritten fonts rock!

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