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Beautiful slideshow!! I love that song and the photos were so adorable! Amazing similiarity between your sister and Reese :)


Shawn!! LOVE the show! you did a fabulous job on this!
wow! Tammi does look a lot like Reese!!


The slideshow is just beautiful, Shawn!! I'm sure once your business gets started, customers will be flocking in!!

I always thought your sister looked familiar . . .now I know why!!


LOVED the slideshow! you have very blessed nephews and nieces to have an auntie like you!


Shawn, I love the slideshow! The words to that song are so precious. I love that you put them with the pictures of all of the kids. Wow, you have adorable little ones in your family!

This would be a perfect addition to your new business!

Katie Pfeiffer

I love the new slide show. I have been waiting anxiously for the new lines of this song - it is wonderful. All the kiddos are adorable. Jacob's big sister is a true doll - beautiful.
When I showed my friend the slideshow you made for baby Jacob there is one picture of your sister where she is kissing him and immediately my friend and I said - she looks like Reece Witherspoon! How funny...


Oh wow, she REALLY looks like her. I actually thought it was two photos of Reese until I read the description! How cool to look like such a pretty celebrity!


Oh, I love your shows! I am so hoooked on doing them lately!

shabby miss jenn

Your sister always has looked like Reese but I have never come out and said that! LOL Your sis is a cuuuutie!!!! You all are cuties!


Love your slide show.


Just HAD to comment here! Im a HUGE Reese Witherspoon fan and since the first time I saw your sister's pic Ive thought she looks JUST like her! ITs amazing!!!!


Hi, I cam via Lauren. Your blog is lovely and I was just complimenting Lauren on her stylish blogroll.
Yes the likeness is quite amazing. Beauty is a family feature, then!

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