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My ABC is WOTV4...


Ohhh, Shawnie....you and I would be good friends! I was glued to my TV for 2 straight hours watching "Trav" (as I like to refer to him as) make his excruciating decision. I gotta admit, up until last night I was a Moana fan (yeah, I know....probably her ONLY fan.) I thought she was just acting like an idiot to throw the other girls off. But then when she met his parents she acted like such a head-case I made a switcheroo! NUTSO! I'm glad he picked Miss Sarah....and now they can live happily ever after. Those crazy bachelor people really know how to suck me in with their crazy editing. And, I'll be tuning in to watch Ms Walters talking to Matty-kins and Patty-cakes too. LOL YUMMM! :)

Shannon B. (aka dancingirisheyes)

So YOU'RE the other person who watches Related. I know there's only like two of us in the whole world. LOL! You are the first person I've found who watches it. Glad to know I have some company now! = D Last night's episode was a killer though. I sobbed. *sigh*


I would have loved to see the interview with Matthew Mc(can't spell his last name lol) I think he is great. I love his voice!! Love your pages Shawn-they are so inspiring :)


Thanks for the update on The Bachelor, Shawny. I must have fallen asleep before the end (that just gets way too late for a pregnant mom of a 2 yr old). I almost wish I had tivo for situations like that because I am sure that it was a completely romantic/fairy tale ending for them.


I'm originally from Lowell (half hour from Grand Rapids) and my parents and little sister are still there! Thanks for sharing the news about the escapee. I'll be keeping up on the story!

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