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Robin "usavetmom"

Wow. Again you have brought tears to my eyes, Shawn....And again you have made me smile through those tears, for the beauty and grace and love that your entire family displayed through such a heartbreaking time. You all have an amazing gift of spirit, and it raises mine when I see those expressions of love for a very special child...a child who has touched more hearts in a few short days than many who live for decades longer....


Very beautiful tribute to your nephews memory. My thoughts are with you and your family as this anniversary goes by.

Krash aka Martha

Oh Shawn...I've got tears...

Lisa W

Wow you brought me to tears. My heart goes out to you and your family at this time.


Oh to hold him again! That will be heaven! We have been blessed with more beautiful little ones but never have we felt more blessed to be holding them when you know you will have them as they grow. We had to pack a lifetime of hugs into too short a time. Listening to the song "Held" my thought just now was that maybe the warm feeling that we felt was God holding us while we were holding Jacob. We could not have gone through this without HIM. MOM and Jacob's GRAMMY.


(((huge hugs))) for your whole family!!!!


oh shawn ****hug hugs***. You are such an amazing woman


I will NEVER forget that night, and the day after! And I am so glad that I have so many pictures, so I never forget a thing about him!!

Mel Boniface

thanks for sharing shawn! Been thinking about your whole family today, most especially the VBs. tears just rolling down my cheeks thinking about sweet jacob and feeling so privileged that i know tammy and brian and that i met little jacob. i will never forget what it felt like to hold that little piece of heaven. so sweet!
god bless you all!
mel :)

Shabby Miss Jenn

OH man Shawn! Because you had scrapped this entire story so incredibly beautifully and shared it with us, of course I will never forget Jacob. Sending hugs your way sweetie and be sure to hug your sweet sister for me!!!!


Wow Shawn - I can't type through my tears here - your words here are sooo very powerful and heartfelt. Hugs to you and your family - you are all amazing.


Shawn, you and your entire family are in my prayers today. Thank you for having the courage to share Jacob's story. It is because of that, that I will hug my girls a little longer and little tighter today. Thank you. (hugs)


I think I could have kept strong w/o tears if you hadn't have had that Natalie Grant song playing too. Ah, girl, how is your sister and her husband?


Oh my, how does one even reply to this :( I just completely sobbed over this entry. Something I just can't even imagine going through. Lots of love and prayers going your way today and for all your family. Thanks for the heartfelt entry and the beautiful song!

Suzanne Balvanz

what powerful images and testimony to God's pure love. Jacob is beautiful. The strength of his parents (and extended family) is astounding....

God blessed all of you, and He continues to do so.


Once more I'm writing to you with tears in my eyes. I remember Jacob and his story very well and will never forget him.

Lisa Weisenberger

reading your memory of that very sad day makes my heart grieve, and tammy's journal post just broke it. i cannot imagine what it feels like to lose a child, her honesty, faith and strength are amazing. to have that peace, that surpasses all understanding is wonderful and i know she is comforted by it, but i want to send a ((HUG)) to her and your family.
we are missing jacob along with you.


Shawn you have such a beautiful gift of expression and writing combined with art. It's so amazing! God has truely given you amazing talents and you use them so well and bless so many people along the way. Sending you a great big hug!!


I have gotten an insight into your amazing family and I know that your family has been a bright shining light in those of need of God's grace and love. Bless you all. We can only imagine what it will be like to meet Jacob in the kingdom of God.


Such an amazing and beautiful tribute. I am always so touched by your writing and LOs about Jacob. Thanks for sharing his story Shawn.




Beautiful little baby Jacob. ((hugs)) to your family Shawn. Thank you for sharing your e-mail and your sister's journal entry. I know that little Jacob is smiling down on everyone. :)


Wow Shawn. My heart is just aching right now after reading this post. Jacob's story is so amazing. It's so heartbreaking, yet uplifting at the same time. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family and with sweet baby Jacob. *biggest hugs*

Emily aka SheScraps

This is my first time to your blog and you have touched me in a way that no other blog ever has. I couldn't imagine going through something so painful. I have tears in my eyes and am so thankful to have my girl's next to me right now. You have just gained another blog reader in me.


*BIG hugs to you all*

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