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I love this alpha, Shawn! Thank you for your kindness. :) All that glittery stuff of Jen's is wonderful--can't wait to see how you have used it.
Take good care of yourself in the midst of caring for all your sweet family.

jenn v

Seriously, I think I'm going to have to "unsubscribe" from your blog on my bloglines roll, because you are COSTING me money....lol...lol. This stuff from Jen is awesome and I am going to go buy it now. Wow, I LOVE it. Thanks for the tip!!


OMG - the glitters are awesome!


Hey Auntie Pea... you are just such a delight! Thanks for the wonderful alpha and the tip on Jen's new items too! I'll be anxious to see what you do with them! I'm sure to be amazed...


your layouts are always gorgeous, shawn. i'm excited about those gitter flowers and stuff. can't wait to see what you do with them!!!


OMGosh! Wooohooo for the glitter stuff! Thanks for the link! scrap it up girl!


LOVE all those glitter things!!! AMAZING!!!!


love the glitter, how fun! fun to see all you are up to and your eclectic whimsy coming along! :)


thanks for the alpha, those are really awesome! i am loving the new teddy song you have on the blog and i just might have to invest in the album now! :)

Shannon B. (aka dancingirisheyes)

Man, I've been SO behind on blogs. I actually felt like I MISSED you. I actually thought the other day "I miss Shawn." Then I realized "Well duh, just go visit her blog then." LOL!

I want you to know that I thought of and prayed for you and your family on the 11th. I was just never AT my computer everytime I remembered! So I feel bad that I didn't stop by and show some support on that day. But know you guys were on my heart and in my prayers.

I LOVE this alpha. Thanks so much for sharing! And now I'm off to make a wishlist of fonts from FG. Thanks for always leading me to new scrap stuff. First the photoblast filters and now a new font site!


Wow Shawny, I love the rolling "My Family" thing! I know you are busy but you haven't posted a new log in over a week I think. Also Selahs baptism is April 23 now and April birthdays are coming. Thanks for a wonderful Sunday though! LYA MOM

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