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Finally.. some one who understands! Your post cracked me up this morning because I am an excessive blinker user as well. DH makes fun of me because I use it to turn in to the driveway. Thanks for sharing and I love the idea of making a list of Betcha didn't know's.

jenn v

we can start a blinkers anonymous...i'm obsessive about it as well and it really annoys me when other people don't use it...drives me so CRAZY....


My name is Debi and I'm a blinker-aholic. I use my blinker to turn into my drive way, but it's because I'm afraid that the people who follow too closely behind me might rear-end me when I slow down. But my obsession hit a new high when I realized that I use my turn signal when I am turning left to go from the front parking lot to the side parking lot at the school where I work. And I'm usually alone in the parking lot because I get there before the chickens every morning.


Ha! I think I know where you get it from and it isn't your dad! It's always kinda embarassing when you do it inside of a parking lot or in the driveway. I bet that it is definately more a female trait because I don't know too many men who do that unless they leave it on too long - that is another issue all together! Love the songs today! But I am trying to think of a betcha didn't know that is different than yours so I will keep thinking and hopefully post a new one tommorrow. MOM



I bet you I can beat you with the quirkyness.... I live in a townhouse. We have a parking lot.....I put on my blinker to park in a parking spot!!!!!!

Told ya I could beat ya!!!!! **lmao**

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