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gorgeous layout shawn. wow!! only you could make a picture of a chair on the beach look this beautiful. got my blog up, thanks for your help yesterday. www.bethmaat.typepad.com


Ha! LOL! Sounds like we are soul-sisters on the husband front. I type this as I stare at an empty cereal box next to the trash can that I refuse to take out. What the HECK! MUST be a guy thing. Love the LO girlie! Soooo BEAU-Ti-FUL!! :)


I have to admit that I am normally just a lurker, but this layout is extraordinary and I HAD to comment... absolutely amazing!


Cr*p, don't tell me the cleaning fairy is going to retire! Lalalalalalala... I can't hear you! It's almost like hearing Santa isn't real. Boo hoo! LOL!

Shannon B. (aka dancingirisheyes)

You mean to tell me we married the same man? LOL! My DH will do whatever I ask. But I have to ask. He only takes the initiative about twice a year. LOL.....it's a big occassion. The local news station arrives and everything.

That LO is fantastic! I think I need to do a Shawn-inspired LO soon. I always love your LOs.


What a beautiful page!!! That spot does look like heaven!!!!


So...try this. Hire a cleaning lady with some of that extra money. It'll be the best money you ever spent, trust me. :)


I feel like diving head first into the layout and sprawling myself out on that lounge chair...........the warm weather is coming!!!

I'm with Nancy, get a cleaning lady or trade in the DH for a newer younger model like my Kris who cleans, does laundry and will even cook on occasion.....oh, and did I mention he is 7 years younger!? LOL I am so spoiled it's pathetic! ;)

PS - Amazing job on that lift...I might have to lift your lift.


This is absolutely gorgeous! You always inspire me - whether it's a positive note you have here, a beautiful page, or something to spend money on... :)


I don't want you to move but I do understand. A household is a lot of work. You will feel better about it once the spring kicks in and you should plan a project or TWO - one for Scott and one for you. Don't let him off so easy! Make him work on some of the yard projects he talks about and you will feel better about the normal cleaning stuff. But, the cleaning lady idea is not a bad one either, they do the stuff that make the difference and you still have to do the hard stuff of picking up but it is a great feeling when you come home to such a clean house. You work hard and you deserve it! I loved the picture and I have been waiting to see more of your vacation shots so keep em coming. That is one of his good points I guess - he lets you take a vacation without him. I know it is a trade off for his time hunting and fishing but at least you are taking some time for yourself. Hang in there! MOM


WOW that framing is Beautiful! Did you do that all by hand? is that done on paper or done digitally? can you email me the details pretty please :D


My word, are you sure we're not related? First I must say I LOVE your choice in music, I have the DVD of Micheal Buble and LOVE IT. I think my favorite of his is HOME. As far as the condo, we currently live on 5 acres on Mt. Hood Oregon. Don't get me wrong I love my house, but we had a chance to let our son finish school in town and I ended up getting an apt/condo downtown. Hubby stayed on the MT, he works out of the house, so I and the kiddo stayed in the apt, visiting dad on weekends. I must say that living in town, being able to walk to the corner cafe for a mocha and people watch, well it was wonderful. I think I talked the hubby into selling once the final kid is out and move downtown Portland in one of the condo's on the willamette river edge. I CAN"T WAIT. As for the house fariy, I haven't seen mine lately but I keep hoping, kind of like santa, I BELEIVE I BELEIVE I BELEIVE. :)

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