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Glad to hear your having a good day!!! :) Thanks for sharing your alpha! That's so sweet!!! Have fun with the neats! Oh yeah, GORGEOUS LO!!


The LO turned out fabulously!!! Have fun babysitting tonight and glad this week is going a little better - less stressful!


Thank you so much for the gorgeous alpha!! I can't wait to use it!! I just wanted to say I am such a fan of your scrapping!! You always have such beautiful pages!! Have fun babysitting tonight!! :)


Delurking to say THANK YOU for the alpha!!!

Your page is ADORABLE!!! I love the "deep" colors!!!


Thanks for the alpha! I can't wait to use them.


Glad your feeling less frazzled - and thanks for the alpha! :)

claudia poduska

Hi! Glad to hear you are feeling better! Totally understand about feeling overwhelmed!!! Love your layout!!! I think you got my creative juices flowing again...or maybe just inspired me with all those yummy colors. Gotta love that paint brush stroke. I might have to go get it. Thanks so much for the cute alpha! Talk to you soon.


GORGEOUS LO as usual! I'm loving the stripes, too...and the stitching is TDF! You are amazing! Hey, I have a question for ya....I'm needing to get a new EHD and I think I read in a recent post that you use yours a lot. Can you go back and forth between external/internal HD's easily? What kind do you have? Have you ever had one poop out on ya? I gotta get all this schtuff off of this computer before it blows up on me. :) Anyway, if you get a chance....email me. Thanks Shawnie!! Toodles-


What a great alpha! Thanks so much for sharing.


The download works perfectly and the alpha is adorable! Thanks so much!


I love the adorable alpa you created! Thank you so much for sharing it with all of us. I always love reading your blog and am loving your song choices! Because of you, I decided it was high time to download itunes to update my love of music. Thanks for the inspiration! Have fun with the kiddos tonight!


Good to hear you're having a better day! The layout is adorable. Your niece is such a cutie pie.

I've downloaded the alphas, they're just super. Hope to get a chance to use them soon. I'll let you know when I have.

Pleased to see that your project is starting to take form. Very good idea to team up like that, it'll take some of the pressure off your back. I wish the three of you much success. Will say a few prayers.

Take care


Thanks for tha alpha set Shawn! Also thanks for the help the other day with the videos.

Jennifer Caputo

First off - your layout is GORGEOUS! Secondly, wow, that is the coolest alpha ever. Thank you so so so much for sharing it with us!

Jennifer Caputo

P.S. You didn't have a terms of use file in the zip. Do you have one that I could store with the alphas for future reference?


Lisa aka momy4him

so glad things are looking up from the other day. creating always makes me feel better.
thank you for the beautiful alpha!


Thank you for the alpha; very elegant!


Wait! No! It's not okay! *lol*

Just kidding. Guess I really gotta do it now that it's out there, eh? :)

I love that alpha. SO plan on using it soon on a page.

love, me <><


Thanks so much for the gift! And I love your blog header, it's so creative, what a wonderful idea!


Shawn, your page is too adorable! That sweet little face is just precious.

Thank you SO much for the alpha- very generous of you-it's beautiful!

Congratulations on Electic Whimsy- sounds like a fantastic idea!! If you ever want to make it a quartet, you know where to find me...LOL :) Would love to get into that world! Best of luck to all of you!


WOW Shawn! Thanks for sharing that alpha!


Thank you for the beautiful alpha! I love the look of your whole blog, and your simply adorable layout is wonderful!


thanks for the adorable alpha!!! vicki


Don't you just love Teddy! Can't wait to pull it down from itunes.

Thank you so much for the alpha, I have always admired it...!!

jenn v

thanks so much for the gift...it is GORGEOUS!! Also, love that layout - the colors are perfect for the adorable pictures.

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