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Elizabeth (mummytothree)

I am gonna comment on the last couple entries in this one.

Hey don't worry about keeping us entertained...life happens and we get all busy/behind. Maybe it's the beautiful spring weather. I've been "lack" on my blog too and that's what I am blaming it on!!!

What cute page of Kylie!!! So full of spunk!!! What a great photo of your dad and the girls!!!! Great grandpa's ROCK!!!!

That website is looking GREAT!!! Can't wait till it is up and running!!!!!

I am bookmarking the site to your Aunt's Bed and Breakfast...I am always looking for new and fun place to visit....I am gonna check it out when I have a free minute!!!!

Have a great day!!!!

Shabby Miss Jenn

What a beautiful photo Shawn!!!! And I love love your site! It's looking fantabulous!!!


you are doing such a great job with our website girlie! and thanks a lot you enabler! lol i just went and bought ginas two new kits! they look awesome! hope we can catch each other on hello soon! miss talking to ya! :) maybe we can scrap tonight!


I know the betcha didn't know... but shouldn't ruin it for everyone, but it might be considered 'heavenly'.
Anyways, gotta discuss the new Ipod thing, you can't be that attached to it. The new windows patch prevents stopping the player sometimes (in the post, not on the main site), and seriously I don't need music all the time... why can't we find one that requires pushing play first???
Dino OUT!


OMGoodness...The Eclectic Whimsy stuff is looking sooooo smashing. You amaze me Shawny! So glad you had a nice Easter spent with all the babes. They are all so freakin' CUTE.

I'm addicted to NRJ's distressing stuff too. Now if I can just figure out how to load the brushes we'll be set. LOL

Hey...email me....I gotta GREAT idea and example for some of that stitching we were talking about. So cool.

Love the blog girlie. So fun!

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