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oh, hope you can get some rest soon! I'll loan you a very busy 9month old... I've had no problem sleeping after chasing him all day! :)
keep this weekend in mind if you are still interested and need a get away!

Shabby Miss Jenn

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!! Selah is sooooo beautiful!!!! I love this page!!!

Elizabeth (mummytothree)

Great start to that page!!!

I really love Tylenol PM. Perhaps try one of those "type" of sleep aids. I usally find that I only need it one or two nights and then when I get a night or two of good sleep under my belt, I am able to return to "normal" (for a mommy that is) sleep pattern!!!

Hope you find a solution soon!!!!


hey shawn!
hope you feel better soon! I second Elizabeth, Tylenol PM should help! Oh! There is a stitched heart in Shabby Princess's Splendid kit. Free and cute, couldn't ask for more than that. BTW, Selah is super cute! Love all of her dark hair. she reminds me of my little Zoe!

get some rest!

Mel :)

Becky P.

There is a nice stitched heart in Shabby Princess' Splendid kit (one of her free ones). I love the photos on your layout - so gorgeous!

Becky P.

How funny - while I was digging around my kits trying to remember where I had seen the stitched heart - Mel beat me to it. Ah well - good luck finishing your layout!


Shawny, Tylenol PM...it's will do the trick...it's doesn't put you out comatose but lets you sleep and is non-habitforming. :) BElieve me, I kniw, I am the QUEEN of Sleep Issues...among all my other issues... LOL

I think we are due for a good long chat...we are like one soul in 2 bodies..... ;)

PS - Love where this LO is going...can't wait to see what you settle on for a finish! :)


Love the LO so far Shawny!!! I am glad everyone knew the best stitch heart and told you about it!!! Get some sleep so that you can be rested up for the scrappin' overnighter!!!


shabby princess has a stitched heart in her splendid freebie,
there was one stitched heart in the DDE doodle freebies over the winter... michelle coleman has one in her black tie celebration kit... think that's all that i can remember! :) HTH...


Hey Shawn- So sorry to hear you're having a rough time right now. :( I haven't updated my blog in forever for similar reasons- stress and pressure just seem to be horrible this time of the year, not sure what it is! :) Anyway, another vote for Tylenol PM...works wonders. Take 1-2 about 30 minutes before you want to be asleep and it should do the trick. Great stuff! Hope you're feeling better soon!


Big hugs shawn!
I second (or third...however many people have suggested it) the tylenol pm. Also, I've been known to pop half a unisom when by brain won't turn off. My doc told me to do this when I was pregnant and stressed out that I was going to go into labor. It just helps with the insomnia so your body can get back into it's normal sleep cycle.
And the lo is beautiful! Really, I am amazed by your artistic talents. I love to see the in-progress lo's so I can jump inside your head a little. :)


I've heard that talking to me can be pretty sleep-inducing.

*hugs* You can talk to me anytime you're sleepless or stressed or whatever. You know that, right? Don't hide.

Totally unrelated, but pulled up the festival info today! Looks superfun! Can't wait to go! :)

love, me <><


What a great LO! Love the glitter heart. I used a stitched heart by Anita Stergiou (ndisb.com) in a couple of my recent layouts.
Lots of colors & sizes to choose from! Hope things look up for you soon.

Shannon B. (aka dancingirisheyes)

I hear ya. I like to be honest on my blog. I don't like when people only present themselves as perfect. But also, when you're honest that you're down, you don't want to give the impression that you're negative or ALWAYS down. It's just how you're feeling now. So it's hard to ACTUALLY share those times.

I don't know what's got you down. I'm not feeling sorry FOR you but I am sorry that you feel down. Just know that your S.I.C. is praying for you.


Hey...had that problem years ago...couldn't sleep because of stress.The best thing that worked for me was one tylenol pm at bedtime.It just makes you drowsy enough to fall asleep and not make you feel groggy the whole next day.:-) Another thing that really worked was the scripture verse that says...Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not unto your own understanding..in all thy ways acknowledge him...and he will direct your path. When I learned to put my trust in him...I started sleeping like a baby.:-) Hope this helps.


Great pictures of Selah and good start on layout! Sounds like you got lots of positive ideas for sleep fixes too. I pray that your stress is lessened soon - Valinda had the best solution (maybe along with the Tylenol PM) Pray and then lean on God and do your best to live with the right priorities and all will fall into place. We all try to look good to everyone around us and sometimes we have to simplify our loads and just live right with God not everyone else. With all these prayer warriors on your side God will answer just be sure you are ready for HIS answer. LUV YA - MOM (In our younger days of trying to get ahead we had many April blues days into May but hopefully Spring will help)


I ditto the tylenol PM. It's what helps me move from shift to shift w/o killing myself and I agree that you should only have to take it for a short period of time, just long enough for your body to get adjusted. The start on the layout looks great to, keep going, I love to see your awesome layouts! And you got enough opinions on the stitched heart so I'll leave that alone ;) TTYS!!

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