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The Gupster

I thought I was your friend? What good is a friend if you don't listen to my advice? I've told you about tylenol pm since I met you. But noooooo, don't listen to me.

I am crushed. I don't think I will ever be the same. Your right, it is Friday, but now I can barely go on.

***starts crying***


Shabby Miss Jenn

I am soooooo loving Shari's new blog! :) Hoooray for typepad! And loooove that Amy is now on the blog boat as well! Oh hoooray!!!!! Love this page Shawny!!!!!! You just totally have these talented fingers that scrap beautiful things!!!!


Wonderful Layout Shawn!!

Lisa aka momy4him

i am glad you got your sleep problem resolved. don't worry about the hangups, just post! i hardly get to chat with you anymore and i just like reading whats going on with you! though, i'm one to talk- i have those crazy hangups too, and it's why i haven't posted since wednesday lol!
have fun this weekend with the girls!

Elizabeth (mummytothree)

Hooray for Tylenol PM!!!!

Love the finished page!!!!

Shannon B. (aka dancingirisheyes)

You've been scraplifted :)


I need your Typepad blogroll help, lady!! Beep me!


you know i love the finished product! and you are welcome for the help! anytime chickie! Glad to hear you are getting better sleep! We gotta talk on hello soon! miss ya! :)


Sleep is a very good thing! :) glad to see you scrapping!


I am soooo diggin the finished LO! It came out just perfect. I can't wait to you fianlly open your bussiness :)


Love the finished layout Shawn and Selah is such a little cutie. Glad to hear you've solved your sleep issue... take care!


Oh my! That is one BEAUTIFUL baby Shawn!! Hope you are well. :)


Adorable layout!!! I clicked on your blog from my sister-in-law and for some reason my volume was turned up really loud...my 15 month old son was right next to me and the Boogie Shoes song came on and he got a huge smile on his face and started dancing, lol. It was sooooo cute...it made my day=)=)=)


Wow-it's been forever since I could comment on your blog!! For so long I would get booted off because of some weird glitch!! So, backtrack to the sleep deprivation-have you tried Sleepy Time tea extra? I enjoy that quite a bit. Tylenol Pm is good here and there too. Love your latest layout-so adorable!!! Have a wonderful day! :)


LO of Selah is beautiful I love the blue hearts. She is just another one waiting to be captured isn't she. Glad your sleep things have been better. I love your song selections. I am up at 4 AM and they were perfect to sit and listen to quietly and catch up on all the blogs. I still need to find out how I can keep your music on while I do other things. I am so inept! Luv ya! MOM

The Gupster

I don't want to put any pressure on you, but ever since I caught that Trojan virus on Tuesday, I can only go to a few select webpages, your blog being one of them. Therefore, at this time, I need to live my internet life through you. Could you please post something interesting so I feel like I'm not missing something in the world of internet.

The virus should be gone by tonight or tomorrow (takes a lot of work). Until then please. If you post something about tuplip time, I email the virus to you. ;) Save that post till Friday. I've had my fill on Tulip Time all ready and today is the first day (that's what I get for working downtown).

Your Handicapped Internet Browser Friend:
The Gupster.

PS. Never Fly Delta Airlines

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