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The Gupster

I really don't want to post here but....

"Today is Good Friday and I'm not really sure how to feel about that"

Knowing the truth (like you do), you should feel *saved* This is my first Easter as a Christian. I feel *lucky*


WOW again! I am proud of your stand and those who have gone on before would be too. Glad you are back, I was probably 4 of those stop bys to check what you where up to. I'll see ya this afternoon at Tam's around 4:30 or so I hope. MOM Oh I loved the Kylie pictures too! Loved the songs too!

jenn v

AMEN!! My grandfather (who was a Lutheran minister) died 5 years ago. I can't think of Easter without hearing him loudly exclaim all day long "HE is Risen!" To which we would respond "HE is risen, indeed." I agree with the commenter above here, I feel LUCKY.


Hey there...

I have stumbled across your site because your blog name caught my eye. See I am Auntie P as well lol. Then as I started to read your blog I welled up. I am a proud Roman Catholic and your post about God Friday struck a cord with me.
I love your blog, very inspiring and the music..ahh..let me grab a cup of tea and sit back, close my eyes and relax! Oh wait..I can't I have a 2yr old and a 13 mnth old! LOL Oh well..looking forward to bedtimes tonight.lolCome stop by my site and please feel free to leave comments/ADVICE//lol lots of it. I find that my site is a speck compared to all of these awesome sites out here.
Have a Blessed Easter and God Bless.

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