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Yea!!! Glad to "hear" from you!! Can't wait to see the Eclectic Whimsy site!!!


yes - I knew you were alive b/c I have seen you in person, but wow - it's been awhile!


Ahhhh, my little Shawny...we are the perfect match...so much alike yet so different...I am a CNN-aholic and don't watch Fox b/c I call them "unfair and unbalanced" LOL ;) Just like in a LO I did this week of Barbie and me, it's the similarities that make us friends and the differences that hold us together...she is a Fox News girl, I, on the other hand, am NOT! LOL

Lou Dobbs for President..... :D

Now get us a link to EWD... can't wait to see it.
love ya,
PS - Would you believe I missed Love Monkey on Tuesday?!? LOL


you always find the funnest toys for your blog! what fun :)

Love the layout (like that is surprising or anything) :D

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