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FINALLY!!!! Someone else like me "I like any kind of meat on my pizza but no veggies.".... people always look at me funny when I say that! And I'm with you on the breakfast anytime thing! We have many dinners of cereal here :). So anytime you have that craving for the Cheesecake Factory... I'll meet you there :)

Elizabeth (mummytothree)

Omg...for fear of writing a book, I'll just say I am "THE" pickiest eater in the world!!!

Having said that tough...I usually can eat anything breakfast related!!!


i myself am a huge breakfast fan. i could have it any time of day as well as drink skim milk for every meal. love it!!! funny think about the cheesecake you silly girl :)

Lisa aka momy4him

we love breakfast for lunch and dinner too, in fact dh will call me as soon as he gets in his car after work and ask if i'll make him sausage and eggs so he can eat it when he gets home( he is only home for abt 20mins before he has to leave again, so calling ahead really helps me). oven pancakes and bacon for dinner is real popular at our house. my pizza MUST have some sort of meat on it! i hate veggies on my pizza! ha ha we have a ccf 10 mins away, love it!


Mmmmmm.pop tarts!! I miss them sooo much!! We tried to make them not long ago but it just wasn't the same-too much work :) Eggs and toast in a cup-ever tried it-cube your toast and soft boil the eggs and add salt, pepper and mix it all together--it's soooo yummy :)

Laurie G

Hi Shawn-
Just catching up on your blog. I love breakfast any time of day too! I gotta have my onions grilled- meaning almost blackened LOL! And a piece of dulce de leche cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory with an ice cold glass of skim milk- mmmmmmmmmmm! I wish they would build one around here. :)

Congrats on getting the spotlight in the DMM- I'll have to check that out!

I can't believe that baby Jacob has been in heaven 2 years already. That photo of everyone gathered around just makes me tear up- I can't even imagine how painful that must've been for everyone. :( (((hugs))))) to you.

God bless,
Laurie G


I'm with you, I can eat breakfast anytime! Oh, and I love the Cheesecake Factory!!


I love learning all these fun facts about you. I'm a quirky chick myself so it makes me feel a little more normal hearing about other's idiosyncrasies. :)
And I gotta give a big thumbs up to the pb&j on toast. YUUUUMMMY! I got addicted to that when I was pregnant with Olivia. Have you ever tried it grilled? Pure heaven.
Hope you are having a great week.


OK, so not only do I eat *breakfast foods* at any time during the day but, I prefer pancakes at night rather than the mornings...don't know why and can eat basically any food at any time...I am not above a little bit of Penne or Moussaka for breakfast! I really am not big on "breakfast" until I am up and have gotten moving and the only thing I really couldn't go for as a breakfast is a salad...it just doesn't work for me... LOL

Now, what I really want to know is where and when was this 3 hour trip to Cheesecake Factory...details..........you know you could just hop a plane and get REAL NY cheesecake and hang with me in three hours ;) LOL



I'm right there with you on milk..i love milk


No really everybody - Shawn absolutely needs milk the minute her eyes open in the morning! She also does have the will power to never over eat - not like her mother at all! I would look great if I could just master that! My best diet is to share a dinner with Shawn because she eats so little but then I don't have to eat the whole dinner myself. The instant breakfast thing started way back - when she lived at home yet! If there is milk missing from my fridge I know that Shawn forgot to pick it up and didn't want to go to the store without her make-up on to get some although I think Scott would pick some up at any time just to be sure she has it first thing in the morning - ha ha! Really she is a bear without her milk. Gotta love her!
I don't have any food betcha didn't knows because I will eat almost anything. I love everything and I gained at least 10 lbs on the last all-inclusive vacation. LYA MOM


Hi Shawn! Just thought I'd pop in and say hi. :) I love dessert yet I'm not a huge cheesecake fan. Vinny loves it though. ;)

Mary Fran

Hey there Miss AuntiePea! You know what? I just found out today that mandakay is your sister! hahahaha No one has ever confused me with a genius....

After your sister told me I noticed on both your blogs that it's written beside each of your blog links! hahahaha Again, Einstein has no need to worry. hahahaha

BTW... cheesecake rocks! But only if Skor cake is not sitting in my fridge! hahaha

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