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Nancy Comelab (aka belgianangel)

Hi Shawn!
First of all.. I just enjoy reading your blog so much and looking in awe at your LO's!
Man, that first song on your Ipod: Do you believe in loneliness... is that by Marc Anthony? I sooo love that song. And I want it!!
Have a great day, Shawn.


Yay me,
I totally did know this one.
For my prize, I choose to have you find a music player that waits for a button to start ;)


They ARE amazing and actually spend quite a bit of time training about 8 miles from my parents' home in SoCal. :)


Hee hee. This STILL cracks me up.

love, me <><

lisa aka momy4him

i have only gotten to see them once, but my heart was racing the entire time! they are awesome!!


Wow... memory jogger! My late Grandpa was a WW2 pilot and asa kid, he always took us to the airplane hangars. I used to always go see the Blue Angels with him!! How cool!

Shannon B. (aka dancingirisheyes)

How fun would it be to be a pilot for one of those! After seeing Broken Arrow, I thought about joining the Air Force. Then I remembered I'm a sissy who hates taking orders so that shot the idea down real fast. = D

I'm lovin' your blog ipod!!


Hi there,

I know what you mean about the Blue Angels...DH is a Marine, and we are spoiled because we have seen them often (we are on an Air Station so we usually get an Air Show once a year)...I love them too!


OMG! You'd better let me know if you get to FL!!


Hey Shawn!

I've seen The Blue Angels, and they are indescribable. They are so powerful, and awe-inspiring. It terrifies me to watch them, but I can't take my eyes off them! I like these posts you're doing about betcha didn't know. They're fun!


WOW~ I never would have guessed this! I love learning all these fun and unique things about you! So very cool!

And BTW...LOVE nelly furtado...been to 3 of her concerts. So fun :)


Hi there! Just saw this video site and thought of you and the Blue Angel Love!


Check it out! It is a regular guy going on a flight with a Blue Angel.

Hope you enjoy!


well girl, you just oughta move to pensacola, which is of course, HOME of the blues -- this time of year I get to see them EVERY wed & fri morning as they rocket by over my house, since we live just a few short miles from the back gate of the base. absolutely open to the public every practice! and viewing by boat on the fourth of july is fabUlous!

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