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lisa (two4howie)

Thanks for the heads up on the organizing program Shawn! It looks like a great program.To bad there isn't a trial version to use first. Have a great day.


I saw that today too! Must get it :)... ps album is driving me crazy with how it shows pngs!
Have you tried it out yet?


thanks for the update....i saw the thread in 2peas but was wondering how it was in "real" life. i'll have to go check it out before i invest anymore time in tagging my stuff in photoshop album.


wow wow wow! I tried ps album but wasn't for me, couldn't live with the icky png viewing! I'm definately going to look into this one, thanks for the heads up :D


oh YAY! I am so all over this program. That list think will be a huge timesaver. Very cool! Thanks for sharing it Shawn!


This program is the bomb! I purchased it the first day it came out and I am having a blast keywording all my stuff. Gonna make finding things SOOOO easy! :)

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