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Elizabeth (mummytothree)

I don't watch Grey's, but I just gotta tell you, I am weepy. How sweet is your mom with that comment she left for yesterday's post!?!?!?! No wonder you are a rockin' lady....you gotta rockin' momma!!!!!


I am SO with you. I watched it, and Tivo'd it in case I want to watch it again cuz it was SO good. I was crying so hard, and didn't even realize it..I was that sucked in. I figured Denny would die, but I was still surprised when he made it through the transplant ok...so sad. So who will Meredith pick? I'm voting for McDreamy, but I guess we'll have to wait and see. And do you think Izzy will really quit? I hope not....anyway, I agree 100% - excellent, excellent show.


yep i cried too!! i first started crying when they put their dog down and then it just snowballed from there. pretty pathetic huh? i was still rootin for izzy and denny to make it. so sad :(


Yes, I too was crying! So sad, I was really hoping he'd get to make it. Amazing how real some of these TV characters can become to us!


the last 15 minutes got me too. i don't think i have ever cried watching grey's before. the whole combo of denny dying, seeing burke in such a vulnerable position and carev finally acting like a human being really turned on my waterworks. I was totally angry that meredith and mcdreamy hooked up. i am loving mcvet. mcdreamy has been acting like a such a jerk, very 'I want my cake and i want to eat it too'. it cracks me up because i was such a CSI and crime show girl before and now i am totally about the doctor shows (grey's and house). gotta love 'em!


There's has not been an episode of Grey's that hasn't made me cry. . . . . something in that show always hits a nerve with me. I can't get enough of it (it will be a long sad summer :(


WOW, tell me about it...what a powerful show! They've really got something amazing over there. The writing is so incredible...and I seriously can not say enough how awesome KH did in some of those scenes, what an amazing actress! Can’t wait for more, it will definitely be a lonely summer with out it, lol!!!

Suzanne Balvanz

Will I get TiVo this summer? yep.
You know why?



Man, I would soooooooooo pick McDreamy...I've had a cruch on him since "Can't buy me love"......



Oh yeah....it all started with Doc...downhill from there. My mascara was glued to my cheeks by the end of the show! :) LOL I've never been sucked into a show like this before either. Summer is going to be way too long!


I'm so glad I wasn't the only one crying!! I felt so bad for Izzy!!!! Balling like a baby I tell ya!!

Shannon B. (aka dancingirisheyes)

OMG I'm sad Denny died yet I was so touched how Alex acted that I wanted him and Izzy to give it another shot. I'm sad that Derek cheated on Addison and that poor Chris O'Donnell might get the shaft. Yet I am so in love with McDreamy when he's with Meredith. *sigh* I was happy/sad/happy/sad through the whole thing!

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