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Shannon B. (aka dancingirisheyes)

I gotta say, when I saw this week's challenge, my thought for you was to scrap Jacob. I think because I know you can tell the story with photos and because there is much to be said in journaling. I actually envisioned the photos and the story. Email me if you need a nudge but otherwise, I'll leave you to your own creativity because you certainly don't need me mucking it up. ; ) I know you'll do something phenomenal. I've never seen anything less from you!


I too, like Shannon, immediately thought you need to do a Baby Jacob LO! I think it is a story that you do so well speaking from your heart on and it is not about you and you have great photos and what not! And that kit by Jen is phenomenal!!! I say go for it sister and I have faith that you are making it into the next round no matter what you do!


Oh man...where to even start. I've been struggling with the layout to do for this contest too. I know which one I should do, the layout I've put off doing since I started scrapping because it's just too painful. Then you had that song playing this morning...the tears start to fall and I know it's definitely more than a 'nudge'!! :) I know it's a page I'll love no matter what the outcome of this contest round...and I'm sure that the same would be true for you if you do one of Jacob. So if you need another little nudge (or shove), let me know! :) Thanks for your entry today, Shawn.


No matter what, I can't wait to see your LO for the challenge. Wishing you well on your decision what topic should be the focus of the LO for this round.


Well sweet Shawny,
You already know how much I love your first two pages for the challenge, so I won't waste my breath telling you again that you are completely inspiring. Nope, won't tell you that I am in total awe at every creation you make. If I could just have a teesy little smidge of that creative talent...hmmmmm...let's just say it would make my life so much easier. You ROCK!!!!!
And...you already know my opinion on what you should scrap. That RF song just pushed the coincidences right over the edge. :)
Love ya to pieces.

The Gupster

I would like to make a small observation that applies to you and your friends here:

There are plenty of 'cute' looking layouts. Pictures of kids/spouses with nice quotes wrapped around them and fancy things. These layouts made me smile.

Then there are the layouts written out of inner emotion or thoughts. Example would be your last layout and I saw another good one from somebody else in the galleries (remember, I don't sleep). These types of layouts 'capture' your audience.

Think of a Monet. Extremely beautiful paintings. They make you smile and admire the talent. Think of a Van Gough. These paintings are more intriguing than beautiful and they definitly cause the audience to think.

The question you need ask yourself is do you want the judges to smile or do you want them to be captured?

When I race my mountain bike, I don't waste to much energy in the first 10 to 15 miles. I am giving 100% but nothing more. This part of the race is based on training alone. In the last 5 to 8 miles, the true competition heats up. Racing is no longer based on training, it's based on inner strength.

My point is that there are not too many competitions you can win without laying out your heart.

I understand your hesistance to use Baby Jacob, but it does not get any closer to the heart than that.


(this post was will self-destruct in 5..4...3..2..)

Lisa aka momy4him

a jacob layout was the first to come to my mind too and for the same reasons that shannon mentioned. you do have a lot to say about how life was while he was here, yours and his. and i distinctly remember a section of layouts in your gallery (which i thought was a good idea) that had more than two or three sentences that were not lyrics. the email layouts. i loved reading those, and the way they were done were perfect. here's another idea...everyone who knows you knows you love music. do a layout about what you love! um, the problem with that would be the pics, hmmmm ....scratch that.
i know whatever you decide will be great because you are just soooo creative and every layout you make is fabulous! i would love to have just an ounce of your talent! can't wait to see what you come up with!


Everyone already thought my idea up. :P

love, me <><


Whatever you come up with will be fab for sure. I've never seen you do a less then perfect layout and prolly never will! The comment about the 1983 picture just cracks me up cuz I soooo know exactly what your talking about!!

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