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I am not worried at all about you advancing to the next round...Your talent is boundless! You're the one to beat (just keep chanting that in your head, over and over...)



Yeah!!! I knew you would make it girl! And I KNOW that this round will probably be your best yet! The fun thing is is that you have a million and one GREAT pics to use and choose from and not matter what you will rock it out! CONGRATS!!! I am proud of ya!

Lisa aka momy4him

i was thinking of you all day yesterday so i am glad i got to talk to you when you found out or i would have been nuts having to wait until now to find out!!
congratulations!! you deserve it and i have no doubt that you will present a freestyle layout that kicks butt!

your proud friend :)


way to go shawn!!! i checked last night at the site to see if you made it. your laouts always rock and i know you will pull an amazing one off :)


CONGRATS!!!! Good luck in the next round, you will be GREAT!!!!


Great job, your journaling was very true to the heart and exactly what the pictures portray too. Through yours and Nina's pictures our Jacob will always be remembered. I can't imagine how sad it is for people who do not have the wonderful pictures to remember their little angels by. All of the pictures just bring the love back so strong. Good luck on your next project - I know you will do great! MOM

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