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OMGosh, that bag is GORGEOUS, Shawn!! :) Are you taking orders!?! :)

I was so sad to not see you moving on in this competition- you were definitely one of my favs and so were a few others who weren't selected. Happy for the top 7, but man what a cut!!

Did I mention I love that bag...? LOL You have such an eye for color combos- can't wait to see more! Have fun with life being "back to normal" after the UDS contest!


that bag is awesome! :)

Shabby Miss Jenn

OH wow SHAWNEEE!!! This bag is GORGOEUS! Okay you're gonna have to add a section on your website so you can sell these cuz man oh man ladies are gonna wanna buy this!!!!! :)

Shabby Miss Jenn

Wooops, sorry I forgot to add sorry about the contest but you are NUMBER UNO in my Shabby Book! :) Love ya!!!!


WAh!!! My girl's not in the contest anymore :( I really wanted and think you should have won! Your so creative and scrap so much with your heart!

Anyways... the bad is sooooooooo cute... when are you going to be selling these? hint, hint...

For the labels I looked at Herrschners since I've used the labels before and found they have quit a few to choose from:

Can't wait to see the next bag :)


Hee hee... guess it does not help to proof read AFTER you hit the submit button.... the BAG is sooooo cute... not the BAD LOL!!


Oh you could definitely sell your gorgeous handbags!! I know I for sure would buy one!! It's beautiful!! I hope you had a wonderful weekend!! Congrats on making it as far as you did in the UDS contest - you had some beautiful LOs!! :)


That has to be the CUTEST purse/bag I have seen in AGES! Great job girl!


I LOVE that bag!!!!
Can I buy one!!!
:-) :-) :-)

Nancy Comelab (aka belgianangel)

OMG Shawn! I so totally L.O.V.E that bag! Lol.. you're going to have to start mass-producing! Awesome, girl!

I was so sorry and disapointed to hear you did not make it through! I hope you know every single one of your entries rocked! :)

Hugs, girl!

The Gupster

I would be all over that hand bag, but the ribbon is just not my color. Sorry.

Kirsty B

This is beautiful!!! When do you start selling!?!?!?! *Hint, Hint* :)


*rofl* at Gupster. Classic.

Ditto the other ladies' comments: lovin' the bag and lovin' YOU even if you are UDSless. :)

love, me <><

P.S. When are we getting together?!?! I'M HOME!!


OH SHAWN that turned out way, way, way cute!!!! Are you taking requests on colors? ;) ;)


That bag is PERFECT!!!!

I can't believe you didn't move on in the competition. I haven't seen any of the lo's but they must be incredible! You're one of my scrappin' heroes Missy! Share your photos of your bags. They are ADORABLE!


Love it! I can't wait to see what other bags you come up with. Loved your layout too - it was incredible :)


cauuute purse!!! Sign me up! You know I had your back on the contest girlie - so I am bummed!


You could sell those bags at one of those trendy places in DC. They are smokin' hot! I know *I* would buy one. Although I tend to buy my purses at Wal-Mart.....

Sorry to hear you didn't advance. In no way does that diminish how amazingly talented you are. You have OODLES of god-given talent. I mean, LOOK at that purse!

Now if it were polka dotted, it would TOTALLY rock. Something about polka dots. You cannot be unhappy around polka dots. It's physically impossible to frown with polka dots on...

Scrappy hugs your way...



I'm so sorry that you are feeling sad about the contest. :( I know it won't help, but you really should have made the cut. And you know I'm not just saying that. I feel terrible. I can't tell you how many of your pages are in my "all time favorites"....the place I go to be inspired.

AND...that bag turned out FABULOUSLY!!! When You showed me the fabrics, I didn't imagine it would look this stinkin' CUTE! Promise me you will sell me one?! I've found a few places for labels too...if you need any, you know where to find me. :)

Lisa aka momy4him

i was shocked to see that you didn't move on, but it's ok. we all know you rock!! don't need a contest to say that. besides, i have always just wanted to say that the letters UDS look like some sort of disease to me, not downing the contest, i'm just sayin...

oh man! that is one cute bag! i NEED to have one! or two!!! :) let me know when they are available for selling!


Good morning Shawn,

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say I'm back online after an extended absence. Just love you're handbag... I see I've missed out on quite a bit. I'll be taking the opportunity to catch up on your blog tonight, on what you've been up to.

Have yourself a nice day.



FAB bag! Hoping you'll be selling some!!! :)


Putting my order in now! Looks like you've got a potential here!
You do know that talent just seems to ooze from you! :)


ooooo can i special order an Auntie Peas Diaper bag?! that is just way to cute!!!! bummer about the contest, but you know you rock, you don't need a contest to tell you that...you've got your neices and nephews to do that :)


that bag is gorgeous! apparently, your eye for design doesn't stop at digital. :)

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