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For the last time Shawny, "where the hell is my bag?" LOL J/K

Everything is just going swimmingly for you - FANASTIC - you are our very own "Shawny Van Zeeland"!

I'll give you a call sometime later tonight or over the weekend - I have a little giftie for you! ;)

PS - I got your message too! :)

Lisa Cohen

Love the bags and the site!

I just finished the downtown purse and let me say that it was harder than expected... especially using Timtex... getting the handles on the bag with all the hard interfacing nearly drove me crazy--- and almost broke my needles. I'm onto the drawstring purse and it's so much nicer to create this one. Still need to find some nice ribbon for the intersection points of each of the 3 parts. :-) FUN FUN! I'm so addicted to fabric now it's not even funny.

Maegan (Coffeebean)

I LOVE the bags! I am absolutely going to order at least one, probably more. I have two questions for you though. Is there a zipper or something to keep the purses closed (or more specifically to keep my toddler out) and what font did you use on the site. I love it!


Wow! You've been hard at work. Love the bags, they're so funky. My favourite has got to be the one with the felt flower. You're doing a terrific job. Keep going.


I think Amy still wants one. I will have to check with her, and then I can pick hers and mine up next weekend! :)

love, me <><


OMG Shawn that pink and black bag, you know i'm swoonin' over it! love it!


i totally love those bags.. i may just have to buy myself one

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