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Oh yay, yay, YAY! Look at those BEAUTIFUL bags!!! OMGOSH Shawny.....I am LOVING that one in the top left! Hope the purse party goes GREAT....and let me know what you have left over. :) Can't wait!!


OH MAN! I love the bottom 2 on the right! I could die a happy girl w/ one of those! You rock the digi and the material girl! WOW!

Lisa aka momy4him

your purses are beautiful!!! you will sell every single purse you make!! i know i'll definitely be buying some!
i sure miss ya :)

jenn v

ohh...me..me...how about a funky orange beach bag....or a funky orange and pink beach bag. I can't wait to see more...i'm definitely a consumer!!! I'm loving the bottom right one so far!!


The purses are looking great Shawn - and they are even more fabulous in real life! You could start an e-bay store with those too! I need to pick a night for the party - either Tue or Wed. night next week - how does that sound?? Or maybe the Tue of the following week - like 2 weeks from today - I think I will have a lot of people there so maybe that will get you time to have a few extra bags there! OK - long comment ending now!


OMGosh Shawny those are looking so FAB!! You know how much I love purses!!!! I LOVE THEM!! If you have fabric left over (and time), you should make little change purses, I am a fool for those too!!! ;)


Hey, I will be there for the purse party (if I am invited that is)! I can't wait to see what they look like up close. It looks like you are picking so many cute fabrics and ribbons for them!


Weehoo!! Purse party, here I come! :)

love, me <><

Shabby Miss Jenn

See! You are soooo gonna ROCK these baggies! Loove them Shawn and I looove that scrap page of yoU! Gorgeous Smooch!


I would LOVE one of your purses!!!
Just tell me what I need to do!!!

Amy Wathen

OMGosh I just LOOVe your bags. I definitely want one. They are gorgeous. I have had a purse pattern similar to this for about 3 years but never feel the motivation to just do it. Email me and I will order for sure. Also your pages are fabulous, as usual. Your photography is amazing.


Where the hell is my bag? LOL

PS -I have an APB out on you over at Hello! :D



They are looking great! Did you make the pattern yourself? I'm not too peppy at making my own patterns! Good luck at your party. I'm sure you'll make oodles! They are TOO CUTE!


Those look awesome Shawn! And of course I want one.... or some when you get time ;) Love every one of your layouts - you know my feelings on that ;) Hope you don't take to much time off scrappin' (or at least chattin')


The purses are gorgeous!!! Congrats on making it as far as you did in the contest! =)

cynthia michener

Oh my gosh!!! i love your purses!! are the fabric from Amy Butler? Love her fabric. I know how you feel about missing sewing! i do love to sew. I bought some Amy Butler fabric and a bag/purse pattern but still no time to sew!!! ;o(

cynthia michener

Oh... i forgot to ask you one more thing... i would love to buy one of those if you do not mind!!??? lol!! i see you are planning to sell..


Love the purses and the LO's I love the one in the right top corner so let me know if it doesn't sell at the party or you could make me one similar. I love the outside fabric and the bow and the inside fabric - it looks great! You do have a great eye for fabrics and mixing and matching that is what makes you good at digiscrapping too! LY - MOM



I'd like to email you about a bag... but can't find your address anywhere! One of these would be PERFECT for my DDs kindergarten teacher, she's young and funky and I"m having the hardest time with a gift!

Lisa Cohen

Love the fabric combinations on the bottom middle bag. It's my favorite!!!! FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE! Oh I'm off to order a bag pattern before I even get your email reply! You enabler, you!


Those are so awesome Shawn! I'm in desperate need for a new book bag for our library trips. Love the bottom right design!

Nancy Comelab (aka belgianangel)

Girl, those bags and purses are AWESOME! After I return from my holiday, I'm going to ask you to send one over to Australia! :) I hope all is well, Shawn, I've missed you! See you in 8 weeks!!! Europe.. here I coooome! {hugs}


can i pleassssse buy a bag?? pretty please please please?!?!??!

Ann (brownie13)

don't know what i love more - those bags or your gorgeous layouts! both are BEAUTIFUL! i may have to order one from you! great job!


I was totally out of the loop on the UDS contest until it was over, so I missed all these wonderful LOs you did. I can imagine how stressful that competition was! Good for you for pushing on through with it! These are amazing pages. Love the purses you're making!

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