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jenn v

Not sure if it the same song, but I love Jeff Buckley's song called hallelujah. It's on Itunes (you can only buy it with the whole album there I think). It is one awesome song...just knocks me out when I hear it.


Hi Shawn,

I was watching Top of the Pops tonight and couldn't help thinking of you when Ilse Delange came on. She's a Dutch artist, with a light country style. She has a new album out called 'The Great Escape' which I think you may just like.

Another artist I think you may find interesting is Gabriel Rios, namely with his song 'Broad Daylight'. He is a Puerto Rican leaving in Gent, Belgium. He's got a great voice and a great sound.

That's it for now. If anything else comes to mind, I'll let you know.

Have a nice weekend,


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