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I LOVE LOVE LOVE that hairstyle, I would look weird with it but I'm sure it would be so easy to deal with.


Love the cut and color Sandra is sporting....I opted for auburn highlight this time around instead of golden or blonde, I was considering this time around to go all over a shade or 2 darker than my norm brown....not quite sure. I just can't do the shorter thing though, I have tried it a couple times and loved it but only for about 3 weeks then I wanted my long hair back and we all know that just doesn't ahppen, unless of course I go for extensions...so, for now, I will resist my urge to cut it off - after all, it is a passing phase! :D

I am glad you gave a review of the movie I almost went to see it last weekend then had a last minute change of plans and didn't make it.....I have heard mixed reveiews but I am usually not reliant on what the critics say but more what the people say! LOL



Totally cute hair...would look great on you!!!
Thanks for the review, I'm looking forward to a girl's night out to see that one :)

PS What font did you use on the pics...I have to have it!! LOL


Maegan (Coffeebean)

Oh I am loving the hair. We may just be hair twins. That is fabulous. I even like the color. Hmmmmm


Oh Shawn, what a total babe you would be with this new do !! I think it would look awesome on you !!!


girl that will look super cute on you!


You went to see it without me? :(

Shabby Miss Jenn

Oh I loooove this Shawny! I just got a cute cut and color. :) Hard to resist. I could sooo see you looking fab with this!


Oh man, Shawny! Do it, do it!! You would look soooo gorgeous with that cut. I can totally picture it! Love, Love, LOVE it!!!! That's the one thing i hate about my hair right now....that i can't pull it back...and that is torture in the summer. But I don't have the patience right now to grow it past the awkward stages.
BTW, thanks for the review on the movie. We are planning a little movie date this weekend, but DH wants to see Nacho Libre. (hmmmmm....wonder if i can convince him otherwise. LOL)


Shawn - you'd look SO cute in this style! I love it


I think it's TOO funny that we in the scrapbook world use Elsie Flannigan as the "insiration" to a Sandra hairstyle and we all know who she is!!


I saw the movie and I fell in love with Sandra's haircut also. It really makes me want to cut my super long hair off again, but I absolutely HATE having to get a haircut every few weeks to keep it up. But that haircut has tempted me more than any I've seen in years. It looks great on you!

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