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Totally hear ya on needing conditioner everyday!!! Thanks for the product review!! I totally love Kiwi too. I use the blow serum for my hair. That is the only product that doesn't make my hair feel icky! have a great day girl!


OK - You are just going to have to read my blog later today - LOL - you will laugh - I have similar stuff to talk about! And anything by Loreal is great - who would have thought - but we had an awesome team of stylists come and do a class at our Holland Salon (they were from Detroit) and they were using all the Loreal Professional line! Great review! Thanks for updating the blog too ;)


You crack me up, but I am totally with ya on your list of fav's. I too love the KIWI line. Have you tried their Shamp/Cond ?? It's great and on sale this month at Industry Source. I personally can't live without Redken's Anti-Snap. It helps tame these curls and works wonders on the dry/split ends. Anyway, have a super day !!


Ooh, I am lovin' the multiple posts. I was checking everyday for a LONG time without any new info from you, and now I can check it a few times a day! I am lovin' it!

Can't wait to see the purses soon! My mom and I were just talking today that we better get the party super early so that we have a good pick cause they will go fast! See you soon!


I just love it when people tell their "picks". It just gives me an excuse to try new products. My personal favorite for lip treatments is from Bath and Body Works, C.O. Bigelow's Mentha Lip Tints (http://www.bathandbodyworks.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2109849&cp=2073252.2077104&parentPage=family).


Okay! Do not get me started on beauty products girl...I will *recommend* your socks off. LOL
So you HAVE to try this stuff for powder. I'm telling you, I have tried TONS and I will not use anything but this.

AND, I am completely on board with the LAncome mascara (definicils for me all the way) and the juicy tubes. I "Berry Bold" my lips up every day. :) BUT, I did find a drugstore brand of mascara that I actually like. It's the Rimmel Volume Flash. And I think it's comparable to Lancome...not QUITE as good...but a close second.

For hair, I just discovered Purology stuff, which I LOOOOOOOOVE! Smells like pineapple and does the piecy-texture stuff really well.

Thanks for your tips...now I've got more fun stuff to try. LOL

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