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jenn v

oh...beautiful layouts. And you a right that butterfly does add the perfect touch!! Have a great fourth!!

Lisa aka momy4him

good to see you shawny! don't get too busy where you forget to have fun girl! enjoy weekend with LA and your family. your layouts are all gorgeous!


oh well, your layouts are always gorgeous :) love them!! and how cute is eva in the little dutch getup? omg!
and oh dear, what have you done with eclectic whimsy bags!? I need all of them! If only I weren't broke, I would so be getting at least one. I love the one with the yellow velvet ribbon the best, but I truly love all of them! great job girl!


I hear those Winsor Pilates are really good...I had been scouting out local Yoga and Pilates studios for like 2 years now and just joined up a Pilates studio this past week....2 bodies one soul! LOL



You need to get online so we can chat deets for the weekend, gurly!! Like when I should be coming up?? *lol*

At least email me if you don't have time to hop online, mmkay?

love, me <><


AWESOME layouts! Hope you had a wonderful holiday!


SHawn - the LO's are stunning as usual! THe one about you is awesome and I am glad that you decided to post it. We all have hidden areas in life and this song is beautifully put! To God we are an open book and He loves us! The song reminds me of my blog theme - might have to use it a bit!

Lisa Cohen

Hey there!! love pilates too. I've been searching for yoga poses... since that's my relaxation, rejuvination activity and I've been wanting to do a layout of it forever... if you stumble across any yoga clip art or images let me know... and if I run across any of pilates I'll let you know. :-)

I adore all of your layouts too! They are all wonderful!


I DO know where that butterfly is from. It was in the ScrapArtist team kit called Summer Wimsy. Your layouts are beautiful!


loving the layouts - wow.

anne bryce

thanks for all the inspiration. love your layouts , so honest and refreshing. love your ipod music too!! thanks for sharing
best wishes


LOVIN everything about this layout miss shawn!!

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