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ADORABLE!!! We're making a few purses around here too. If any of them are blogworthy I'll send you the link!

Love all of your purses!

jenn v

seriously adorable - just love those ruffles!!


Kim is just so sweet! Love the new purse!!!


OMGosh, how cute is that!!!! Kim, rocks, she is sooooo sweet!!!!I love it !!!!

Jen Caputo

oh my gosh I want one!!!!!!!

Shabby Miss Jenn

That is darling!!!!


Thanks so much for the sweet words Shawny. I think so much of you and hope you know that. I know you will make the bag thing a success because you are such a great person. Thanks for being my friend and for supporting me and all of my crazy ideas. You really are the best. Love ya friend!


ADORABLE! kim's such a sweetie to send that along! can't wait to see more! :)

Lisa Cohen

OMG this is the cutest purse I've ever seen! I love ruffles!!

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