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hey...you're NOT make fun of the hoverers are ya?! :) Gotta admit...I've been know to hover. BUT, I am a very tidy hoverer...so I completely get ya. In fact, that is why I hover....from all those sloppy hoverers that came before me. LOL Love the pics Shawny!! You make me smile.


You are completely insane. *lol* Love ya!

love, me <><

Shabby Miss Jenn

OH YOU ROCK MISSY PEA!!!!! Loooove that bathroom and the textured/painted walls RULE!!!!!! Thanks for sharing that! Eat a shabby sandwich for me! :) Smooch!

Laurie G

Shawn! I can't believe I haven't been to this bakery yet! When I was growing up it was called Hempel's Pastries and was just 2 blocks away- of course it didn't have a place to eat or an awesome bathroom like that LOL! The deBoers used to go to our church too. :)

ITA with all of the above- and I'd like to add a few more bathroom amenities that I love LOL!
1. touchless faucets- although the above are really nice :)
2. Good ventilation- nothing worse than a stinky bathroom- aarrgh!
3. floor to ceiling stalls- although not ideal for little ones who might lock themselves in. :)
4. BIG stalls- I hate the stalls where the door practically touches the toilet when you swing it open and you have to try to maneuver around the door while trying not to touch anything.
5. Good toilet paper (within reach LOL) that doesn't rip into tiny pieces with each pull.
6. A big trash can- so paper isn't falling out of it- and of course close to the door so you can throw away your paper after using it on the handle ;)
Better yet......
7. The door to the bathroom should pull to go in- and push to go out- so you can use your shoulder LOL!
8. I'd also love to see a sanitizer pump on the wall- just outside of the door- just in case you have to touch the door after a non-washer!

OK- that was more than a few haha! I'll have to go back to Body Perfections to get a pedicure so I can check out deBoer's (bathroom). :) LMK if you wanna go. ;)


Gotta admit that's a pretty awesome bathroom. I'm pleased to say that my little bathroom at home that I love has the same color scheme. We have granite countertops, and I got brave and painted it red. One of my favorite rooms in the house. LOL!

My little rant is that if you are a hoverer, and you don't make the target, how hard is it to take some TP, and wipe your mistake for the next poor soul? I just don't get why people won't clean up their own mistake! OK-rant done! Cool post!

Heather aka MuddyPawPrints

Oh I am right with you girl! I even carry my own seat covers! LOL!!!! I cringe when I have to use a public rest room. The door handle thing, oh yeah, I always sigh when I hear the people leave without washing.... ugh!


OMG, I'm so not a hoverer, either. I have travel packs of those seat covers in my purse and in my girls' backpacks just in case I'm ever in a place that doesn't have the seat covers available.

Ooh! I was in O'Hare airport on Sunday and they have these automatic seat covers -- you wave your hand in front of a sensor and it wraps a new seat cover around the seat. Waaaaay cool!


you crack me up!

Amy Wathen

Amen Sistah!! I am with you on all counts. I also frequently curse the logic of having the door PUSH in and PULL out. You are too funny and maybe have been stuck in front of a sewing machine too long?! LOL


I laughed my butt off (so to speak) at this entry. I swear to you that I feel like posting one of those "If you sprinkle while you tinkle, be a sweetie and wipe the seatie." signs every time I have to mop up someone else's pee pee from the seat. NASTY! Great entry, mama.

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