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Dang! I love that blue & green one! So pretty!! But I just bought one yesterday- so I need to hold off. May have to request that one in a month or two, 'cuz this one is SURE to fly out the door!! Absolutely LOVE it! And those keyrings are TOO cute!!! Have a great day!!

Jen Caputo

oh my gosh these are sooo cute!


I LOVE IT!! Consider it sold!! WOOHOO! Momma's got a brand new bag!! :)


Oh, I may have to sit outside of Nancy's mailbox and HIJACK IT!

LOVE that bag!


For the key chains, somewhere between $10-$15. Maybe $12?

Gina Egg

I agree with Jen - $10/$12 for the keychains. Those are toooooo cute!



Your purses are fabulous! I would have taken the blue/green one as well--those are definitely my colors. Absolutley darling purse. Love that flower button closure on the other (and you are right about it being a perfect summer into fall purse--just not my colors). Thanks for sharing your talents. I just love looking and hope to buy sometime soon. :)


Love that blue and green purse- so if you have left over fabric consider it SOLD!! I would love to have this purse.... please let me know, I think it would be a perfect bag to take with me to Mexico the end of Sept.... :) thanks.. Angie

Shabby Miss Jenn

OOoh I want a keychain! That says SMJ and has a rose on it somewhere and is pink!!!! :) Let me know k? Love ya!


Shawny!!! LOVE the bags! I need one soon!!!! Let me know when you are ready and I'll paypal ya. And yes, a keychain too! Those turned out sooooo cute!

Nancy aka belgianangel

Hey Shawna! Oh, I so love your bags... awesome! Lol... my trip to Europe has left a rather big dint in my CC but as soon as that is straightened out, I am so getting one of your gorgeous creations. Just wondering, how much would postage to Australia be? I hope all is well, girlie. Missed you! {hugs} Nancy.

Maegan Birr

Shawn, I think the craft show crowd will pay $10 tops for the keychain. You would probably get lots of sales at the 2 for $15 price. That being said, marketed well at a boutique you could totally get $25 for them.

I LOVE the personalized keychains. Make sure to let us all know how to order (once you get a ventilated area...we don't want you keeling over from the fumes).


your purses are SO AWESOME!!! You so have the mix n' match color thing down! Keychains-perfect! I'm so proud of you for doing something you love, and making a little business out of it!

Andrea Mooney

Shawn you are just a little ball of fabulousness!! You are blow-me-away talented. I MUST have a bottlecap key chain... must! Do you ever make little girl purses?? I am addicted to buying purses for Delaney.


oh...they look awesome. Hmmm..black and brown together. That kind of fabric is hard to find. LOVE LOVE LOVE those bottlecap keychains. Totally adorable.

robin forman

Okay, so if the 14 people who posted ahead of me don't buy the blue/green purse, it is totally mine! LOL! Love it!

Traci Sims

I love all of these bags! I think my favorite so far is the one with the pink eyelash fringe! So fun!! There is no way you can be making anything off of these bags at the prices you are charging! Just curious - how long does it take you to make a bag once you decide on the fabrics?

Kim Mauch

Your purses are just amazing! Love them! :0)

Nancy aka belgianangel

Shawn! Girl! How is everything! How is your website going? Let us know, allright? Miss you! (((hugs)))

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