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Great post - glad you got everything worked out with the purse site! We really need to set up a time to get the other girls' purses to them too from my party!

Shabby Miss Jenn

SOoo glad you have a bloggie for your bags now! YUMMMM..total eye candy!!! Can't rave enough about Kimmy's aprons!


Shawny, were you using the Treo 650? I had been having *much problemos* until I disabled Ringo, a ringtone manager I had been using....and of course, there was yetserday morning when the phone reset and wiped out my e-mail accounts from the phone! LOL

Enjoy your lunch!



oooo... love the purses... can't decide... so ... would you want to travel to do a purse party????? let me know, I'd love to host one down here!!! Ok - off to look again and decide...:)


That book looks FAB Miss Shawny! Aren't aprons, so fun?!! You'll have to email me a pic. ;) Now I know why I've been getting emails asking if I am using the Amy Butler pattern. LOLOL I'll have to check it out! :)
Oh, and I think I know how to add pics with links in the sidebar. Email me if you didn't find it yet. Love ya Toots!


OH MY OH MY!!! I headed right on over to the new bloggy....WOW!!! I think I may need to get the pink bag....SO CUTE!!!

Can't wait to see more soon:D


I did it, LOL...just purchased my 2nd bag:D I had to have that Whimsy in Red!

Cynthia Michener

Hi.. I have been lurking your blog for a long time and while I was doing digital and i have always loved your digital layouts. Since I stopped doing digital because I felt the need of sewing again. I found the book and bought it today. I love it!!! oh your purses are soooooooooooooooo beautiful!!! i really would love to buy one but the one is already sold out. Is it possible to make another one?? Have a good Labor Day!


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