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I Sooooooo love that LO of you and Ainsley!! SO suoer cute!! That purse is one of my favorites for sure!! I can't wait to see MY diaper bag!! You are so amazing at this purse/bag making thing!! ALL the fabrics are amazing and you make them work together so well!!! AMAZING I say!!!!!

Lisa aka momy4him

gorgeous layout shawny! i love that you used the virtual ink cd- great cd! i totally forgot that i have it- i need to use it more.
the new purse is supacute! loving the key finder thingy!!!
can't wait to hear your news!!!

Laurie G

Love the design on the LO Shawn- it looks like you sewed a bunch of fabric squares on there! :)

And that purse- wow! How are you going to part with all of these beautiful designs?!!! Oh- and I think you might have to start making laptop bags for all of these crazed digiscrappers LOL!


Hey Chick! Sorry to have abruptly cut our conversation short the other night...by the way, I did meet Ernie (and Bert) almost immediately upon entering Sesame....he was taller than me and much slimmer than I had expected...oh and his shoes, they weren't felt, they were like real shoes made of a hard plastic LOL

PS - I'll call you tomorrow...I still need like 3 or 4 bags ;)


I don't think I even know your exciting news do I??? OK - don't make us wait too long! That LO is super fabulous - the colors are perfect!


The LO looks fabulous. Wonderful colours and she is a real sweetiepie.
I love the look of the bag. If I ever consider buying one (and I'm very tempted), would you ship to Europe?

Maegan Birr

Gorgeous purse! I love the little details, like the bling. It is all about the details. Fabulous colors too!


So is that bag still available? It's awesome! I'll take it if it is :)
Can't wait to hear some exciting news!


ok, i seriously need a new purse as one of my favortie wee ones was stolen last week. do you have any of the little frilly ones available for sale???????

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